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Type 2 Diabetes Essentials (Ebook) - Deadtree Publishing

Type 2 Diabetes Essentials (Ebook)


This Essentials book answers all the key questions asked about Type 2 diabetes in succinct, accessible and up-to-date form. There are two main types of diabetes and you may not be sure which you have. In general, people with Type 1 diabetes are usually young, develop symptoms quite rapidly and need insulin treatment immediately. In contrast, Type 2 diabetes tends to occur in people who are over thirty and above average weight (although there are exceptions). The onset tends to be gradual and the initial treatment is through diet and tablets. If your diabetes has been treated this way, this book is for you. This introductory guide answers 50 key questions asked by people with Type 2 diabetes and their families. It provides a summary of symptoms and treatments, and offers practical advice on living life with Type 2 diabetes. There is a glossary at the end of this book.

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