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Philip Warner - Invasion Road (Ebook)


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Invasions are as old as the history of mankind. The possibility of Britain being invaded today is obviously very remote in spite of the disturbing memories of the Nazi's poised to swoop onto these shores in 1940 and previous attempts, both abortive and successful, reaching back into prehistoric times. Concisely and vividly Philip Warner once again engages with his readers and reveals much about this fascinating journey from the earliest raiding parties seeking new land to cultivate to the would be ambitions of conquerors. He details the reasons as well as methods and hazards. He examines the role of naval, military and air power describing the development of weapons, defences, communication and intelligence. The final chapters contain his chilling assessment of the 1980s when the Cold War was at its peak. His illuminating comments not only show our own weaknesses but the problems of possible opponents.

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