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Philip Warner - Kitchener (Ebook)


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Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl of Khartoum and of Broome, was Britain's last great military hero. his face became known to millions before his death in 1916 because it appeared on the recruiting posters of World War I over the caption 'Your Country Needs You'. Kitchener's ambition was all for his country. His qualities were evident in the campaigns in Sudan and South Africa. His belief that British influence was good and that the strengthening and extension of British influence was essential for world harmony. Appointed as Secretary of State for War to organise the British Army in World War I he was almost alone in saying the war would not be over by Christmas but would last 3 or 4 years with untold casualties. Philip Warner has written a lucid and exceptional book, with the full consent of Kitchener's family to their exclusive archive. Indeed in the initial reviews it was said 'this story has been told before but never so well".

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