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Philip Warner - S.A.S. (Ebook)


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The Special Air Service (The SAS) are perhaps the Special Forces Regiment. With an almost unparalled experience and a rich history that is encapsulated by their motto ‘Who Dares Wins’. The story which follows is not of course a complete account of all the deeds of this remarkable regiment. If such a record could be compiled it would require several volumes and, even then, there would be gaps because some of those who took part in the early raids are dead or untraceable, and many of the later activities are unavailable for security reasons. It is indeed typical of the SAS that they should choose to have their history written by someone who is not a member of the regiment, and while giving every possible assistance over obtaining facts should never make the slightest attempt to influence the presentation or approach. And of course they are absolutely right. They believe that, if you appoint someone with a reasonably detached view to write up your regimental history, the facts will speak for themselves. These are the facts.

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