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Philip Warner - S.B.S. (Ebook)


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The Special Boat Squadron, or SBS, is one of the most admired, respected and feared Special Forces units in the world. The date of the formation of the SBS is a matter of some debate. Officially it is the 14th April 1942, but long before that date SBS forces had been harassing the enemy in an unofficial existence; soon it was to be put on a more formal footing. Today, decades after the final curtain has dropped on World War II, it is a mystery to many people, particularly those in the regular forces, how the war managed to foster so many small, unorthodox formations like the SBS. In this book Philip Warner reveals much of the workings and history of this tight knit group that with so little did so much to impact upon World War II and subsequent campaigns. Their exploits, heroism and efforts are a continuing and extraordinary tribute to those that fell and those who continue to serve.

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