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Philip Warner - The Soldier (Ebook)


Much has been written by military historians concerning the skill of generals and the dash of officers, but they are largely silent about the brave deeds of the private soldier. In consequence it is easy to forget that ordinary soldiers are the most important part of the army: if there are no soldiers there is no place for officers, however dashing, or for brilliant generals. In this very readable book Phillip Warner gives the humblest member of the army his rightful pride of place. Covering the period from 3000 BC to the Second World War and ranging over many nationalities, he shows us a day in the life of the ordinary soldier by means of a series of skilfully connected pen portraits. With penetrating insight into the military mind he makes the soldier of each period, be he English, Roman, Viking, Mongol, Italian, Spanish, French or American, a living and vivid figure. By looking at the world through that soldier’s eyes he is able to create a clear picture of his routines, training and skills and a deep impression of the man’s problems, fears and failures, ideals and triumphs, underlining the fact that, throughout history, certain experiences, attitudes and beliefs have remained common to the soldier whatever his nationality, cause or weapon. Philip Warner was a former senior lecturer at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and the author of forty books in the field of military history and biography. He joined the army after graduating from Cambridge in 1939 and served in the Far East throughout Would War II. The book includes an extensive author biography and bibliography.

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