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Philip Warner - The Zebrugge Raid (Ebook) - Deadtree Publishing

Philip Warner - The Zebrugge Raid (Ebook)


On 23 April 1918 a force drawn from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines launched one of the most daring raids in history. The aim was to block the Zeebrugge Canal, thereby denying U-boats access, although this mean assaulting a powerfully fortified German naval base. The raid has long been recognised for its audacity and ingenuity but, owing to the fact that the official history took too much notice of the German version of events, has long been considered only a partial success. In this stirring account Philip Warner exposes the error of that interpretation by providing evidence from many sources that the raid achieved much more than it is traditionally credited with. The raid is presented from a variety of viewpoints, from the airmen who took part in the preliminary bombing to the motor launches which picked up survivors. The crews of the launches and coastal motor boats were frequently ‘amateur’ sailors but their courage and skill were second to none. Indeed no less than nine Victoria Crosses were awarded for the action. During his research Philip Warner talked with many of the survivors and corresponded with others. The Zeebrugge Raid is a sobering reminder of this outstanding feat of arms undertaken almost a hundred years ago.

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