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Sporting Gazette - Pastimes (Audiobook) - Deadtree Publishing

Sporting Gazette - Pastimes (Audiobook)


(Unabridged: 1hr 57mins)

The Sporting Gazette is a rousing gallop through the British sporting calendar of the last 900 years in the company of  chroniclers, diarists and letter-writers as we eavesdrop on some of the most memorable events in the colourful history of British sport, as performed by an outstanding cast of actors.

This Pastimes edition eavesdrops on some of the most fascinating events in the colourful history of the British at play; from Pitt the younger playing a game of marbles to Sir Donald Campbell's fatal attempt at the waterspeed record; Sir Francis Chichester's single handed voyage around the world and Lord Louis Mountbatten's first hand experience of a cock fight in India; from hunting with King James I to swimming the Channel with Captain Webb.

Narrated Eileen Atkins; Cheryl Campbell; Nigel Davenport; Alex Jennings; Richard Johnson; Hugh Laurie; Michael Maloney; Geoffrey Palmer; Michael Pennington; Prunella Scales; Samuel West, and John Wood.

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