15 Minutes Of Love Poems - Volume 3 - "A Red Red Rose" & Many More (Audiobook)
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Read by Ghizela Rowe & Richard Mitchley (Unabridged: 15mins)

Featuring poems by Rumi, Robert Burns, Jonathan Swift & others.

What is love?

The question is asked by each of us but the answer remains elusive. Dictionaries summon up many words but none fulfill. 

Love itself is often ethereal, felt but only seen in a glance, a look, a fleeting touch.  Part of Love’s beauty is perhaps in the fact that the question never can be adequately answered; its ephemeral, a chimera of the heart and only felt.

Our own experiences are unique and personal to ourselves and of little help defining it for another.

Love is perhaps best expressed through poetry. As Plato said 2500 years ago “At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet”.   Writing a love poem for ones’ partner is seen as the most romantic of gestures. It opens our hearts to another's. Lovers love.

Here, in this volume history’s greatest poets convey thoughts, feelings and sentiments of love to you in quick (or bite-size) conversations of verse that can slip into your day and your partner's heart.


In this compilation -

01 - Fifteen Minutes of Love - Volume 3 - A Red, Red Rose & Other Poems
02 - A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
03 - To My Young Lover by Jane Barker
04 - Oh Lovers by Jalaluddin Rumi
05 - That Kiss by Daniel Sheehan
06 - The Way That Lovers Use by Rupert Brooke
07 - The Garden of Love by William Blake
08 - The Definition of Love by Andrew Marvell
09 - Love Arm'd by Aphra Behn
10 - No One So Much As You by Edward Thomas
11 - Against Love by Katherine Philips
12 - Stella's Birthday, March 13th 1727 by Jonathan Swift