Who we are

Deadtree Publishing are a small publisher with an eclectic viewpoint.  Reading and listening are two things that most of us enjoy.  Sometimes finding things that make us curious are harder; too much choice, too much information, just too much of everything.   


Why we sell the items we sell

Bookshops are becoming a thing of the past. Either large boxes full of best-sellers and what everybody else has or small shops that feel they can’t provide what you want.  So we are online only (though we are partnered up with some big guys to send you most of our books as print on demand).  Home, armchair and the internet are all you need.


Where we are located

On the web.  No bricks, just clicks.


How long you have been in business

We’ve been making audiobooks and ebooks for almost twenty years.  Almost uniquely we don’t follow fashion or fads, just good authors and good books.  We always look at a book with the words ‘Would I want that?’  Of course, we’re too small besides the modern behemoths to have everything. But we can promise you an eclectic and individual experience.   Some things even you might not have heard of.

We also specialise in a few things mainly poetry, stage plays and classic Hollywood audio plays.  We definitely aren’t all things to everyone but we are something to someone.


How long you have been running your online shop

We’ve been selling on Amazon, iTunes and other digital stores for many years.  Their choices are huge.  We thought opening our own site might help those of us who want to browse a few aisles rather than a supermarket.   

You can find us here at our main site or on social media or for something entirely different try listening to our totally free 24/7 online radio station www.audiobookradio.net   Its all things audiobook in a stripped and stranded schedule; a new genre every hour; from industry news to classics plays, poetry and talks by authors and artists.  Click here to listen right now.


Contact information

If you’ve questions or comments email us at info@deadtreepublishing.com or on any of our social media links. (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube).


The Free Gift

Yep, subscribe to our rare but informative emails and download a free gift. Choose from a free Poetry or Short Story volume.