Elizabeth Gaskell - The Short Stories (Audiobook)
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(Unabridged: 2hrs 43mins)

Elizabeth Gaskell is equally well known as Mrs Gaskell. When her mother died, she was three months old and she was sent to live in Knutsford, Cheshire with her Aunt Hannah, this setting would become the basis for her novel Cranford.  At 22 she married and settled in Manchester to raise her family. Friends with Charlotte Bronte she went on to write her biography and was also highly regarded by a certain Charles Dickens who published her ghost stories in his magazine.  Much of her work views the emerging industrial society of Victorian England through her own moral and religious values and has an uncanny ability to look at and report on the many strata of society.  

This collection of Stories; Right At Last, Sexton's Hero, The Old Nurse’s Story  & Hand And Heart are read for you by Richard Mitchley, Eve Karpf and Ghizela Rowe.

Elizabeth Gaskell Biography


In this compilation - 

01 - Elizabeth Gaskell - An Introduction
02 - Right At Last
03 - Sexton's Hero
04 - Hand And Heart
05 - The Old Nurse's Story