A Stadium Odyssey - Sightlines 1 (Audiobook)
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Written & Read by Simon Inglis (Abridged: 2hrs 50mins)

Simon Inglis was a sports fan with a mission. Fed up with being labelled an ‘anorak’, yet repeatedly led astray by the glimpse of a grandstand across a crowded city, in the late 1990s he travelled the world in search of some deeper meaning behind his fascination. What is it, he asked, about men and neatly-edged turf, and about Irish priests and hurling? Why are two cricket grounds in Mumbai so close together? Why do freeloaders revere Chicago’s Wrigleyville, and what can we learn about crowd management and bladder control from the bullfights in Pamplona?

Full of insight, wit and questionable accents, Sightlines conjures up spectacles and chaos, colour and intrigue, from a time before the digital age and corporate control forever changed live sport and the stadium experience.