Dennis Wheatley - Strange Conflict (Audiobook)
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Read by Sir Christopher Lee (Abridged: 6hrs 3mins)

Dennis Wheatley was the British master of occult writing selling millions of books from the 1930s onwards.  One of his most famous creations was the Duke De Richleau.  In this audiobook it is World War II and Britain faces increasing pressure and burden as the Nazi’s swarm across Europe. When the Duke de Richleau is asked to look into how Nazi U Boats know exactly where and when supply convoys in the Atlantic will be he discovers that evil occult forces are at work. The Duke discovers that a Voodoo adept from Haiti is travelling on the Astral Plane to gain information regarding the convoys. Now the Duke and his friends must confront their powerful foe not only on the Physical Plane but on the Astral as well.

It’s a terrific book and the late great Sir Christopher Lee delivers a wonderful performance to this fascinating story.