St Davids Day - A Holiday in Verse (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Sian Phillips & Angharad Rees (Unabridged: 1hr 38mins)

Featuring poems by Wilfred Owen, John Dyer, Henry Vaughan & others.

It comes as no surprise to the average Welsh person that their culture continues to thrive despite centuries of seeming servitude to the English.  Wales, exemplified by the symbol of the Welsh dragon, is a small proud nation of many talents, large imaginations and even bigger hearts.

Saint David's Day, or the Feast of Saint David falls on the 1st March each year on the anniversary of his death in 589 AD. The feast has been regularly celebrated since his canonisation in the 12th century.

Traditional festivities include wearing the symbols of Wales and St David; daffodils and leeks, eating the National dish of cawl, a thick heartwarming soup, as well as the classic Welsh rarebit, and parades throughout the day featuring the traditional dress.

The pride in its culture and history is keenly felt and in this volume the poets of Wales through the ages bring verse that fortifies and uplifts the soul of a nation and its much admired literary merits.

In this compilation - 

1 - St David's Day - A Holiday in Verse  - An Introduction
2 - Grongar Hill by John Dyer
3 - Home, Fair Was The Morning Fair Our Tempers by Edward Thomas
4 - The Waterfall  by Henry Vaughan
5 - Sweet Empty Sky of June by Henry Vaughan
6 - from Chepstow - A Poem - Tinturn Abbey by Edward Davies
7 - The Grey Steed by Gwerfyl Mechain
8 - The Fox by Robert Williams Parry
9 - On a Mountain Tumulus by Dafydd ap Gwilym
10 - Llyn Y Gadair by T H Parry-Williams
11 - Plynlimmon by Lewis Glyn Cothi
12 - The Kingfisher by W H Davies
13 - In May by William Henry Davies
14 - Cock Crow by Edward Thomas
15 - All Day It Has Rained by Alun Lewis
16 - from Education In Wales by Rowland Williams
17 - Here's the Life I’ve Sigh’d For Long by Iolo Goch
18 - The Depression by David Gwenalt-Jones
19 - The Wind's Lament by John Morris-Jones
20 - In Praise of Wales by Talhaiarn
21 - Praise of a Girl by Huw Morus
22 - A Fleeting Passion by William Henry Davies
23 - Song of the Worker's Wife by Alice Gray Jones
24 - from The Happy Farmer by Iolo Morganwg
25 - Miners by Wilfred Owen
26 - This Poor Man by William John Gruffydd
27 - Old Man by Edward Thomas
28 - Wondrous Sight For Men by Ann Griffiths
29 - Has Your Soul Sipped by Wilfred Owen
30 - Faith by George Herbert
31 - Apologia Pro Poemate Meo by Wilfred Owen
32 - Exposure by Wilfred Owen
33 - War by Hedd Wyn
34 - There's An Open Door by Ann Griffiths
35 - The Immovable Covenant by Hugh Derfel
36 - The Black Spot by Hedd Wyn
37 - Expecting The Lord by Ann Griffiths
38 - Church Monuments by George Herbert
39 - A Flower Sunday Lullaby by Eiffion Wynn
40 - Virtue by George Herbert
41 - Hymn XLI by William Williams Pantycelyn
42 - Song to Mead by Taliesin
43 - The Owl Disturbs the Bard's Sleep by Dafydd ap Gwilym
44 - The Perishing World. From 'The Sleeping Bard' by Elis Wynn
45 - Lullaby by Roberty Bryan
46 - The Fold of the Bards Book of Taliesin
47 - from Arthur's Passing by Thomas Gwynn Jones
48 - An Elegy on the Death of Llywelyn ab Gruyffyd by Gruffydd ap Yr Ynad Coch
49 - In Memory of Mair Eluned by T Marchant Williams
50 - Goodbye by Alun Lewis
51 - Friends Departed by Henry Vaughan