The Brontes - The Poetry Of - Volume 1 (Audiobook)
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(Unabridged: 57mins)

Perhaps England’s greatest literary family. To find one brilliant novelist in a family is extremely rare.  But two? Three?  The Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily Jane and Anne together with their brother Patrick are famed throughout the World. But amongst their many talents was poetry.  Of course being Bronte’s they were rather good at that too.  

These poems are read for you by the very fine Anna Bentinck, David Shaw-Parker, Eve Karpf and Jo Wyatt.

In Volume 1 we bring you;  

Charlotte Bronte - from Retrospection

Patrick Branwell Bronte – Augusta

Emily Bronte - The Old Stoic

Anne Bronte - A Reminiscence

Charlotte Bronte - The Letter

Emily Bronte - Self Interrogation

Emily Bronte - To Imagination

Emily Bronte - Love Is Like The Wild Rose Briar

Charlotte Bronte – Parting

Patrick Branwell Bronte – Lines

Emily Bronte - I Am The Only Being Whose Doom

Anne Bronte - The Arbour

Anne Bronte – Home

Emily Bronte - Faith & Despondency

Emily Bronte – Stars

Patrick Branwell Bronte – Memory

Anne Bronte – Stanzas

Charlotte Bronte – Life

Emily Bronte – Song

Emily Bronte - She Dried Her Tears

Charlotte Bronte – Regret

Anne Bronte - If This Be All

Emily Bronte – Stanzas

Charlotte Bronte – Passion

Anne Bronte – Memory

Patrick Branwell Bronte - The Man Who Will Not Know Another

Anne Bronte - Past Days

Emily Bronte - Come Walk With Me

Emily Bronte – Hope

Patrick Branwell Bronte - Now But One Moment Let Me Stay

Charlotte Bronte – Preference.