Dennis Wheatley - The Devil Rides Out (Audiobook)
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Read by Sir Christopher Lee (Abridged: 6hrs 30mins)

Many consider it to be Dennis Wheatley's finest work which is praise indeed on his world beating novelist. It was a huge bestseller in the 1930s when it first came out, full of 1930s atmosphere, skilfully written and well researched too - although Wheatley never practiced magic himself, he met with many of the most famous occultists of his day to make the book as authentic as possible.  In The Devil Rides Out, the Duke de Richleau and a friend find that one of their number is missing from a reunion, and it turns out that he has fallen under the influence of a black magic sect. Disbelieving at first, the Duke, his friends soon discover that magic and the powers of darkness are still alive and very real, as they fight a series of terrific earthly and occult battles to save their friend's soul. 

The book was filmed in the 1960s with Sir Christopher Lee taking the lead role as the Duke and he he is back in splendid form as he narrates for your listening pleasure