Short Stories About Spies & Espionage (Audiobook)
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Tales of secrecy and intrigue long before the days of James Bond 

Read by Mark Rice-Oxley, Elliot Fitzpatrick & Jake Urry (Unabridged: 3hrs 34mins)

Featuring stories by H G Wells, John Buchan, Ambrose Bierce, William Hope Hodgson & more.

The world since earliest times has always had spies.  Information is a valuable commodity and even more so in times of war or tension.  Many authors and poets have had real life incarnations as spies from Christopher Marlowe and Aphra Behn to Daniel Defoe. 

But it’s a dangerous game.  Working in a murky, secretive world where any trust given could be at the expense of your life. 


01 - Short Stories About Spies & Espionage - An Introduction

02 - The Stolen Bacillus by H G Wells

03 - The Jew by Ivan Turgenev

04 - The Loathly Opposite by John Buchan

05 - A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce

06 - The German Spy by William Hope Hodgson

07 - Parker Adderson, Philosopher by Ambrose Bierce

08 - A Source of Irritation by Stacy Amounier