Vampires - A Short Story Collection (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Eric Meyers & Christopher Ragland (Unabridged: 7hrs 49mins)

Featuring stories by MR James, EF Benson, John William Polidori, Jan Neruda & others.

For almost everyone the idea of having our blood, our life-force, sucked out of us while we sleep is both disturbing and primordially real.

Vampires are a popular tool of unease from authors down the decades.  They come in all shapes and sizes, both male and female and for much of their time interact with everyday people as kind and helpful neighbours, not the product of our wildest fears.

In this volume we can offer little in the way of comfort, but we can offer chilling fear so that the next time you want to fall asleep you may want to stay awake a little longer. 

In this compilation - 

1 - Vampires - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction

2 - The Vampyre. A Tale - Part 1 by John Willaim Polidori

3 - The Vampyre. A Tale - Part 2 by John Willaim Polidori

4 - Count Magnus by M R James

5 - Mrs Amworth by E F Benson

6 - The Black Vampyre by Uriah Derick D'Arcy

7 - The Last of the Vampires by Phil Robinson

8 - Vampirismus or Aurelia by E T A Hoffman

9 - The Room in the Tower by E F Benson

10 - The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet

11 - The Horror of Abbot's Grange by Frederick Cowles

12 - The Vampire by Jan Neruda

13 - Wake Not the Dead Part 1 by Johann Ludwig Tieck

14 - Wake Not the Dead Part 2 by Johann Ludwig Tieck

15 - Alymer Vance and the Vampire by Alice and Claude Askew

16 - For Blood is the Life by F Marion Crawford