Christmas - Stories from the Dark Side (Audiobook)
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Read by David Shaw-Parker, Tom McLean & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 1hrs 43mins)

Featuring stories by Robert Louis Stevenson, Anton Chekhov & others. 

Christmas may come but once a year but evil, intrigue and malevolence are everyday events.

Within this volume Christmas is a time when these dark forces form and coalesce to take life and liberty from people who may and who may not deserve the spin of its wheel.

Some are merely evil, others have the beginnings of a conscience that displays itself in a dialogue with the devil, or perhaps only themselves.

In this compilation - 

1 - Christmas. Stories from the Dark Side - An Introduction
2 - Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson
3 - The Burglar's Christmas by Willa Cather
4 - The Beggar Boy at Christ's Christmas Tree by Fyodor Dostoevsky
5 - Vanka by Anton Chekhov