Edith Nesbit - The Ghost Stories (Audiobook)
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Read by George Irving, Richard Mitchley & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 2hrs 55mins)

Edith Nesbit is more famously known as a writer of children’s stories such as The Railway Children.  But in this volume we explore her short stories of the macabre and ghostly sort.  

Born in 1858 in Kennington, then part of Surrey and now London.  Her early life was one of constant house changes before meeting, age 17, Hubert Bland who she was to marry three years later – whilst she was 7 months pregnant.  Additionally Bland kept his affair with another woman going throughout.  The two children of this relationship were raised by Edith as her own as well as their own three.  They founded the Fabian Society in 1884. Thought of as the first modern writer for children she also wrote for adults producing over 50 books in total as well as a collections of poetry which we shall explore in a separate volume.  

Edith Nesbit Biography


In this compilation -

01 - From The Dead
02 - Man Size In Marble