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Henry Rider Haggard was born at Bradenham, Norfolk, the eighth of ten children, on 22nd June 1856. His early years were ones of disappointment to his family, his education was good but his application wasn’t. In 1875 his Father sent him to take up an unpaid position in South Africa. Although he only spent 7 years in Africa they are the inspiration and background for a large part of his writings. In 1885 ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ was published followed by its sequel ‘Allan Quatermain’ and ‘She’. He was much admired for the imagination and daring in his stories and characters set against the broad expense of the Empire. Haggard was also influential in agricultural reform which involved sitting on many Commissions and travelling to the Colonies and Dominions. H Rider Haggard died in London on the 14th of May 1925.