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George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, but more commonly known as just Byron was a leading English poet in the Romantic Movement along with Keats and Shelley.

Byron was born on January 22nd, 1788.  He was a great traveller across Europe, spending many years in Italy and much time in Greece.  With his aristocratic indulgences, flamboyant style along with his debts, and a string of lovers he was the constant talk of society.

In 1823 he joined the Greeks in their war of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, both helping to fund and advise on the war’s conduct.

It was an extraordinary adventure, even by his own standards. But, for us, it is his poetry for which he is mainly remembered even though it is difficult to see where he had time to write his works of immense beauty. But write them he did.

Among his poems are the marvellous 392 line narrative poem The Prisoner of Chillon together with short classics such as She Walks in Beauty and We Parted in Silence.

He died on April 19th 1824 after having contracted a cold which, on the advice of his doctors, was treated with blood-letting.  This cause complications and a violent fever set in.  Byron died like his fellow romantics, tragically young and on some foreign field.