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Budd Schulberg -  On The Waterfront (Audiobook) - Deadtree Publishing

Budd Schulberg - On The Waterfront (Audiobook)


Read by William Hootkins (Abridged: 2hrs 58mins)

Terry Malloy is a hoodlum, caught between the beginnings of a conscience and the racketeers for whom he works. Katie is that conscience. But she is torn between her love for him and her belief he killed her brother. Together with a slum-reared Catholic priest, Father Pete Barry, Terry and Katie take on the gangster-ridden waterfront unions of Johnnie Friendly.

After writing the award-winning film of On The Waterfront, Budd Schulberg developed the story of Terry Malloy into a novel. An exceptionally talented and experienced reader, William Hootkins captures the mood of this stark, realistic, story of brutality, corruption and tender love with great force and energy.

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