Rats - A Short Story Collection (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Eric Meyers & Christopher Ragland (Unabridged: 3hrs 31mins)

Featuring stories by HP Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, MR James & more. 

An urban myth is often quoted that you are never further than six feet from a rat in any built-up area.  The true figure is nearer one hundred and fifty feet but that too seems too close for comfort.

Wherever these creatures settle there is an undeniable fear amongst most of us that they are malevolent, vile and disgusting creatures.  A chill and a shudder are our bodies natural reactions.  Fear lurks in our hearts and souls.

Enter our storied arena of authors.  This, for them, is fertile territory with which to torment and torture the reader and listener with all sorts of dark deeds that, somehow, we just can’t resist.

From the macabre and talented pens of Lovecraft, Stoker, James we add Cowles and Mann and others to assault your ears.

In this compilation -

1 - Rats - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction

2 - The Burial of the Rats by Bram Stoker

3 - The Rats in the Walls by H P Lovecraft

4 - The Devilish Rat by Edward Page Mitchell

5 - Rats by Mary E Mann

6 - Rats by M R James

7 - Rats by Frederick Cowles

8 - Alexander the Ratcatcher by Richard Garnett