HP Lovecraft - Chapter & Verse (Audiobook)
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Poetry and prose together from literary greats.

Read by Richard Mitchley, John-Michael MacDonald & Garrick Hogan (Unabridged: 1hr 48mins)

Literature is a world of words and wonder, able to take us on almost unimaginable journeys from the wild and fantastic to the grind and minutiae of life.

An author’s ideas are his building blocks, his architecture of the mind, building a structure on which all else will rest; the narrative, the characters, the words - those few words that begin the adventure.

In this series we look at some of our leading classic authors across two genres: the short story and the poem.  In this modern world there is an insatiable need to categorise and pigeon-hole everyone and everything.  But ideas, these grains and saplings of the brain, need to roam, to explore and find their perfect literary use vehicle.  Our authors are masters of many literary forms, perhaps known for one but themselves favouring another.

Story. Poems. Story.  Within these boundaries come all manner of invention and cast of characters.  And, of course, each author has their own way of revealing their own chapter and verse.  

In this compilation - 

1 - Chapter & Verse - H P Lovecraft - An Introduction

2 - The Lurking Fear by H P Lovecraft

3 - Laeta - a Lament by H P Lovecraft

4 - Despair by H P Lovecraft

5 - The Conscript by H P Lovecraft

6 - Nemesis by H P Lovecraft

7 - Hallowe'en in a Suburb by H P Lovecraft

8 - What the Moon Brings by H P Lovecraft

9 - Sunset by H. P. Lovecraft

10 - The City by H P Lovecraft

11 - Providence by H P Lovecraft

12 - The Wood by H P Lovecraft

13 - Fact and Fancy by H P Lovecraft

14 - The Picture In The House by H P Lovecraft