Short Stories About Revenge (Audiobook)
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Over 30 timeless stories of characters seeking their own brand of justice

Read by David Shaw-Parker, Elliot Fitzpatrick & Christopher Ragland(Unabridged: 12hrs 24mins)

Featuring stories by F Scott Fitzgerald, H G Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, Saki, O Henry, Susan Glaspell, Paul Laurence Dunbar & more.

Betrayal is perhaps the worst kind of human humiliation.  Trust is given, words exchanged of steadfast support and suddenly for unfathomable reasons of family, loyalty, love or greater gain elsewhere you are cast aside.  It’s difficult to justify and painful to receive.  It can bruise lives and is often the cause of a need, a want, a desire for revenge. 

And by some measure this is not like-for-like or tit-for-tat, this is exacted for at a much higher cost.  They say Revenge is a dish best served cold.   Our classic authors who range from Edgar Allan Poe and Alexander Pushkin to Susan Glaspell and Paul Laurence Dunbar serve it up in many a manner, in many a style but always with relish.


In this compilation - 

01 - Short Stories About Revenge - An Introduction

02 - Bernice Bobs Her Hair by F Scott Fitzgerald

03 - The Cone by H G Wells

04 - Hop Frog by Edgar Allan Poe

05 - Mother Sauvage (La Mere Sauvage) by Guy de Maupassant

06 - The Lumber Room by Saki

07 - The Shot by Alexander Pushkin

08 - The Caballero's Way by O Henry

09 - Captain Rogers by W W Jacobs

10 - The Signal by Vsevolod Garshin

11 - The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky by Stephen Crane

12 - Laura by Saki

13 - The Scapegoat by Paul Laurence Dunbar

14 - The Lie by Leonid Andreyev

15 - A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell

16 - Sredni Vashtar by Saki

17 - The Hand by Guy de Maupassant

18 - The Middle Toe of the Right Foot by Ambrose Bierce

19 - The Cold Embrace by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

20 - The Music on the Hill by Saki

21 - Revenge by Samuel Blas

22 - The Man in the Bottle by Gustav Meyrink

23 - Behind the Curtain by Gertrude Barrows Bennett writing as Francis Stevens

24 - The Iron Shroud by William Mudford

25 - Mateo Falcone by Prosper Merimee

26 - The Sentimental Mortgage by Arthur Lynch

27 - The Octoroon's Revenge by Ruth D Todd

28 - The Spectre Bridegroom by William Hunt

29 - Revenge by Ambrose Bierce

30 - The Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant

31 - The Hounds of Fate by Saki

32 - The Cask of Amontillardo by Edgar Allan Poe