Short Stories About Faith & Fervour (Audiobook)
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Unwavering conviction in all manner of Gods, beliefs and delusions

Read by David Shaw-Parker, Laurel Lefkow & Elliot Fitzgerald(Unabridged: 15hrs 5mins)

Featuring stories by Honore de Balzac, F Scott Fitzgerald, Leo Tolstoy, Rudyard Kipling, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Barry Pain & more.

Faith is something we all have.  Fervour we see as passion without control or reason whether to a person, a cause, a God.  It comes in many forms, many shapes, many sizes.  It may be a one-time thing or a life-long devotion.  It may be our guiding light or reached for only when life has obstacles that on our own we can’t fully navigate.  We need to believe that some force, some power, can reach out and remove the problem, the danger. 



In this compilation - 

01 - Short Stories About Faith and Fervour - An Introduction

02 - Benediction by F Scott Fitzgerald

03 - God Sees The Truth But Waits by Leo Tolstoy

04 - Gods in Exile by Heinrich Heine

05 - A Fragment of Stained Glass by D H Lawrence

06 - The Atheist's Mass by Honore de Balzac

07 - Silence by Leonid Andreyev

08 - The Lightning Rod Man by Herman Melville

09 - The Student by Anton Chekhov

10 - The Story of St Vespaluus by Saki

11 - The Maison Tellier by Guy de Maupassant

12 - Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

13 - Lazarus by Leonid Andreyev

14 - The Open Boat by Stephen Crane

15 - A Witches Den by Helena Blavatsky

16 - The Locket by Kate Chopin

17 - The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller by Gustave Flaubert

18 - Cain by Alexander Kuprin

19 - The Botathen Ghost from Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall by the Reverend R S Hawker

20 - The Strength of God by Sherwood Anderson

21 - The Christ of Toro by Gabriela Cunninghame Graham

22 - The Diary of a God by Barry Pain

23 - Blessed Are the Meek by Mary Webb

24 - The Shaker Bridal by Nathaniel Hawthorne

25 - The Shades, A Phantasy by Vladimir Korolenko

26 - The Man Who Would Be King - Part 1 by Rudyard Kipling

27 - The Man Who Would Be King - Part 2 by Rudyard Kipling