Cornwall - A Short Story Collection (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Eric Meyers & Christopher Ragland (Unabridged: 6hrs 7mins)

Featuring stories by MR James, EF Benson, John William Polidori, Jan Neruda & others.

The far South-West of England, this limb of land that extends away into the ocean, and some would say away from reality, from comfort and safety.

Upon its beautiful rugged landscape of wild nature and pretty tourist laden villages have been seared some of the darkest stories from our author’s pens.  For them Cornwall is malevolent, it veers towards evil and the dark arts of supernatural and ghostly hell.

But don’t just take our word, take the words of Edgar Allan Poe, F Marion Crawford, Mary Elizabeth Braddon and many others as they take you on a travel guide that is sure to open your eyes in very unpleasant ways.

In this compilation - 

1 - Cornwall - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction

2 - Malachi's Cove by Anthony Trollope

3 - Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe

4 - The Screaming Skull by F Marion Crawford

5 - The Haunted Church by Frederick Cowles

6 - The Limping Ghost by Frederick Cowles

7 - In the Mist by Mary E Penn

8 - The Botathen Ghost from Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall by the Reverend R S Hawker

9 - Room For One by Frederick Cowles

10 - Colonel Benyon's Entanglement by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

11 - Christmas Eve at a Cornish Manor House by Clara Venn