Fifty Shades of October (Audiobook)
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Read by David Shaw-Parker, Ghizela Rowe & Laurel Lefkow (Unabridged: 1hr 7mins) 

Featuring poems from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, William Wordsworth & many more. 

The tenth month of the Gregorian calendar in now upon us and the land prepares to give us more of its colorful coverings as a landscape of thrilling promise and gorgeous colour provides a sumptuous feast as only nature can.

Autumn or Fall, the final crescendo of the natural landscape whirls and cascades herself before our eyes. 

Across fifty poems our classic poets including Christina Georgina Rossetti, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Thomas Hardy & Dante Gabriel Rossetti find verse and tender words to match the occasion. 

Their descriptions of nature’s ever-evolving landscape and humanity’s ever-changing lives emblazon the page with the lively ink that shapes us all.

In this compilation - 

1 - Fifty Shades of October - An Introduction
2 - October by Paul Laurence Dunbar
3 - October by Lucy Hamilton Hooper
4 - October Musings 1866 by Janet Hamilton
5 - October by John Jay Chapman
6 - October's Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson
7 - October by George Arnold
8 - An Ode, Written October 1819 Before the Spaniards Had Recovered Their Liberty by Shelley
9 - Song of the Democratic Review of it's Birthday, October the 1st 1857 by William Ross Wallace
10 - Hymm for the Celebration at the Laying of the Cornerstone of Harvard Memorial Hall, Cambridge, October the 6th 1870 by Oliver Wendell Holmes
11 - In Westminster Abbey, October 12th 1892 by John Todhunter
12 - Anticipation, October 1803 by William Wordsworth
13 - Autumn, 1914 by Mary Webb
14 - Rain by Edward Thomas
15 - Autumn Within by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
16 - Embarcation (Southampton Docks, October 1899) by Thomas Hardy
17 - In Autumn by Alice Meynell
18 - The Falling of Leaves by W B Yeats
19 - The Autumn by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
20 - An October Evening by William Wilfred Campbell
21 - Mist in the Valley by Edna St Vincent Millay
22 - All Day It Has Rained by Alun Lewis
23 - Bitter Rain by Wu Zao
24 - The Rain and the Wind by William Ernest Henley
25 - Rain Music by Joseph Semon Cotter
26 - North Wind in October by Robert Seymour Bridges
27 - October by William Cullen Bryant
28 - An October Garden by Christina Georgina Rossetti
29 - Autumn in the Garden by Fredegond Shove
30 - The Wild Swans at Coole by W B Yeats
31 - Through October Fields by James Edwin Campbell
32 - October on the Sheep Range by Arthur Chapman
33 - Written At Lovere, October 1736 by Mary Wortley Montagu
34 - Give Me October's Meditative Haze by Alfred Austin
35 - The Falling Leaves by Margaret Postgate Cole
36 - On the 10th October by Phillip Henry Savage
37 - The Kitten and the Falling Leaves by William Wordsworth
38 - Fall Leaves Fall by Emily Bronte
39 - Turn Me to My Yellow Leaves by William Stanley Braithwaite
40 - On the Road to Waterloo, the 17th October (En Vigilante, 2 Hours) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
41 - October 1915 by Dora Sigerson Shorter
42 - October by John Payne
43 - An October Sunset by Archibald Lampman
44 - Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson
45 - October 21st, 1905 by George Meredith
46 - The National Prayer, October 1840 by Henry Alford
47 - Last Week in October by Thomas Hardy
48 - Lines Written October  23rd, 1836, A Few Hours After the Birth of My First Child by Henry Alford
49 - On St Chrispins Day, October 25th, 1763 by James Wilson Claudero
50 - From October - On Nearing Halloween (Extract) by James Grahame
51 - A Witches Chant (An Extract) by James Hogg