Mother's Day Poetry - Volume 1 (Audiobook)
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Read by Tim Graham & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 1hr 9mins)

Featuring poems by William Blake, Eliza Cook, Anne Taylor, Walt Whitman, DH Lawrence, Emily Bronte, Robert Burns & others.

This volume of poetry brings together poems throughout history with very special women.  The relationship with our Mother is one of the most powerful many of us will ever feel.  It rivals those with our children and partners in a way that both permeates and challenges how and on what terms we live our lives.

A woman giving birth is not only bringing life into the World, she is doing so, usually, at great pain to herself.  The fact that this is transformed within minutes of birth to a deep, unconditional love is truly beautiful.  Whatever the future brings for Mother or child that bond will hold. The first attempts at language by babies is usually 'muh' or 'ma' - a universal sound for Mother. 

In every race, culture and domain Mothers are seen as both a symbol and living emblem of love and nurture, of comfort and safety. As we grow older that relationship changes but on a fundamental level remains giving, unconditional and unequivocal. 

As we become parents ourselves that circle of experience completes a full turn. For poets through time this unique and fulfilling relationship has enabled some of the greatest verse to be written by some of our most famed poets from Wordsworth to Whitman to Tennyson and many, many others. 

We hope this experience of listening to these carefully chosen words will help you reflect and further enjoy the experience that a Mother's love has brought to your life.

Their devotion to ours ensures ours to theirs. Whilst we celebrate Mother's Day once a year, every day is their day. 


In this compilation - 

01 - Mother's Day - An Introduction
02 - William Wordsworth - The Mother's Return
03 - William Ross Wallace - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
04 - Rudyard Kipling - Old Mother Laidinwool
05 - Eliza Cook - The Old Arm Chair
06 - Robert Burns - Ah Woe Is Me
07 - James Russell - A Legend Of Brittany
08 - William Blake - Infant Sorrow
09 - Lucretia Maria Davidson - The Mother's Lament For Her Infant
10 - Thomas Hardy - The Mother Mourns
11 - Augusta Weber - Mother & Daughter (Extract)
12 - Rudyard Kipling - The Mother's Son
13 - Daniel Sheehan - Where She Goes She Is Not Gone
14 - William Blake - Little Black Boy
15 - Frances E W Harper - The Slave Mother
16 - William Blake - The Angel That Angel Presided
17 - Anonymous - Babies Come Into This World
18 - Alfred Austin - Songs From Lucifer
19 - Anonymous - Babies Don't Keep
20 - Charles J Barnes - When Mother Says
21 - Anne Taylor - My Mother
23 - Anonymous - Somebody's Mother
24 - Walt Whitman - There Was A Child Went Forth
25 - Frances E W Harper - My Mother's Kiss
26 - William Butler Yeats - The Mother Of God
27 - Alice Carey - Untitled
28 - D H Lawrence - Monologue Of A Mother
29 - Lucretia Maria Davidson - To My Mother
30 - Walt Whitman - Pensive On Her Dead Gazing
31 - Emily Bronte - Upon Her Soothing Breast
32 - Copyright Notice