Mrs Miniver - Hollywood Stage (Audiobook)
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Starring Greer Garson

Originally Written by Arthur Wimperis

(Unabridged: 47mins)

Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as the ‘go to’ place for entertainment and has been for decades. 

When there really did seem to be more stars in Hollywood than heaven Hollywood Stage had them performing films as radio plays, on the sponsor’s dime of course.  These all-star casts contain many of the leading actors and actresses performing theatrical radio versions of the best of Hollywood films.

Oscar winning performances contributed to this moving war movie's status as a classic and once again Greer Garson shows why she deserved such an honour. Based in England, the Minivers are a middle class family who are forced to cope with small inconveniences and great tragedies that emerge at the outbreak of World War II. Through all this, their son courts Lady Beldonï's granddaughter.

The Hollywood director, producer and writer Irving Cummings unveils the treasure & the stars.