Poems For Halloween - Volume 2 (Audiobook)
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Read by Ghizela Rowe & Gideon Wagner (Unabridged: 40mins)

Featuring poems by John Keats, Lord Byron, William Shakespeare & others.

I should be whispering this because Halloween is almost upon us. A time of Witches, Ghouls and Hauntings and all kinds of scary things that come out the evening before All Saints Day to wreak….…… I’m glad you’re listening so let us begin-

Many of us remember that feeling from childhood when an adult or even our friends would tell us scary stories of things that go bump in the night. It was a time to scare and be scared and no matter how terrifying the stories were it was a good feeling punctuated by yelps and laughs. Halloween is now firmly established in the Calendar as a favourite; to go trick or treating and an excuse for kids everywhere to dress up in outlandish attire and collect vast quantities of sweets.

Equally adults everywhere are prone to switch off the lights and pretend to be out!  In our collection the poems show that words have been used to enthral and suggest dark mysterious forces beyond our control for quite some time.

With authors of the ability of Keats, Poe, Byron, Sheehan & Shakespeare, to nourish these primeval fears the poems have an unsettling nature as all bad things should!


In this compilation - 

01 - Halloween Intro
02 - The Apparitions By William Butler Yeats 
03 - The Ghost Of Roger Casemen By William Butler Yeats
04 - Ah Are You Digging My Grave By Thomas Hardy 
05 - One Need Not To Be A Chamber To Be Haunted By Emily Dickinson
06 - Songs From 'Deaths Jest-Book' II By Beddoes 
07 - In The Fear By Daniel Sheehan
08 - The Foresaken By William Wordsworth 
09 - Evil In Design By Emma Lazarus
10 - A Gravestone By William Allingham 
11 - Windy Nights By Robert Louis Stevenson 
12 - In This Fog By Daniel Sheehan
13 - The Flying Dutchman By Edwin Arlington Robinson
14 - An Extract From The Haunted House By Thomas Hood
15 - The Erl-King By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
16 - from October - On Nearing Halloween By James Graham
17 - The Eve Of St Agnes By John Keats 
18 - The Vampire By Charles Baudelaire
19 - The Dungeon By Samuel Taylor Coleridge
20 - The Only Ghost I Ever Saw By Emily Dickinson
21 - The Two Witches By Robert Graves
22 - Incantation To Oedipus By John Dryden 
23 - A Witches Chant By James Hogg - Extract 
24 - Here In The Nightmare By Daniel Sheehan
25 - Luke Havergal By Edwin Arlington Robinson 
26 - Phantom By Samuel Taylor Coleridge
27 - Copyright Notice