Saki - A Short Story Collection (Audiobook)
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Read by Ghizela Rowe, Gideon Wagner & Richard Mitchley (Unabridged: 2hrs 3mins)   

Hector Hugh Munro, more familiarly known by his pen-name ‘Saki’ was born in what was then Akyab in British Burma on 18th December 1870. His father was an Inspector General for the Indian Imperial Police, and his mother the daughter of a Rear Admiral.

When he was 2 his mother died and he and his siblings were sent back to England to be raised by their grandmother and paternal maiden aunts in a strict, puritanical household near Barnstaple, Devon. Educated by governesses Saki used many of these women as character models for his later writing.

At 17 his father retried and returned to England and then embarked on a series of European travels with Saki and his siblings.

After a short stint working in Burma with the Indian Imperial Police Saki decided to move to London to make a living as a writer. Initially he wrote as a journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines before attempting an historical study, ‘The Rise of the Russian Empire’, whose real value lay in directing him to writing short stories instead, the first of which, ‘Dogged’, he published in 1899.

From here it was a short stab of the pen to writing political satire before in 1902 he became the foreign correspondent for The Morning Post, first in the Balkans, then Russia, Paris and back to London in 1908, where 'the agreeable life of a man of letters with a brilliant reputation awaited him.'

Collections of his short stories full of witty, mischievous and often macabre stories that satirized Edwardian society and two novels now appeared in the years up to the Great War.  At its’ outbreak he was 43 but managed to join as an ordinary trooper. More than once he returned to the battlefield when officially too sick or injured.

On 14th November 1916 Hector Hugh Munro was sheltering in crater during the Battle of the Ancre, when he was shot and killed by a German sniper. According to several sources, his last words were "Put that bloody cigarette out!"

In this compilation - 

1 - Saki - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction
2 - The Reticence of Lady Anne by Saki
3 - The Open Window by Saki
4 - A Bread and Butter Miss by Saki
5 - The Story of St Vespaluus by Saki
6 - Esme by Saki
7 - Laura by Saki
8 - Filboid Studge, the Story of a Mouse That Helped by Saki
9 - The Mouse by Saki
10 - The Easter Egg by Saki
11 - The Bull by Saki
12 - The She-Wolf by Saki
13 - The Interlopers by Saki