Shadow In The Sun (Audiobook)
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    Two very different women, the much married Mary Queen of Scots and the Virgin Queen of England had one fundamental thing in common, one thing that would change the course of history: each believed in her God given right to sit on the throne of England. The lives - and deaths - of these royal cousins were bound together in a tangled web of bloodlines, courtly intrigue and political manoeuvring. This dramatisation is based on historical documents, letters, reported speech and contemporaneous accounts. A vivid and compelling realisation of one of the most notorious events in history. This is the true account of the events leading to the execution of Mary Stuart. “It is a thrilling play about two women who are fighting for their lives” admits Kate, “It is a very potent and powerful story.”

    Joining film and television actress Kate O’Mara (who plays Mary Queen of Scots) is Patricia Shakesby as Elizabeth I. Patricia is best known for playing Polly Urquhart in Howard’s Way together with roles in Coronation Street, Sapphire and Steel and Brighton Rock. The audio also stars Giles Watling and Michael Cochrane.

    Written by Kate O'Mara (Unabridged: 1hr 13mins)