Short Stories About Grief (Audiobook)
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Allow this incredible collection of stories to help healing through words.

Read by Ghizela Rowe, Eric Meyers & David Shaw-Parker (Unabridged: 12hrs 43mins)

Featuring stories by Mary Shelley, Rudyard Kipling, Katherine Mansfield, Guy de Maupassant, Henry James, D H Lawrence, Bret Harte, Anton Chekhov, Luigi Pirandello, Barry Pain, Mary Butts, Ambrose Bierce & more.

Loss in any form seems to burden us with more weight than anything that can possibly be gained or learnt from.  The loss of a person, a loved one, is often overwhelming.  Lives so interwoven that the severing or loss of one life leaves the other weakened, unable to function for some time.  Recovery comes in a myriad of forms but is usually debilitating, slow and, in the end, we are not as whole as we once were.

It is a subject that authors return to again and again.  It is inevitable that at some point in their lives grief has struck them, hollowed them out, but, for some, this dreadful experience is used to nourish words, to form a narrative, a beginning, middle and end to relay and share with others the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ and perhaps some words of comfort too.


In this compilation -  

1 - Short Stories About Grief - An Introduction

2 - The Mourner by Mary Shelley

3 - They by Rudyard Kipling

4 - Life of Ma Parker by Katherine Mansfield

5 - Mother Sauvage (La Mere Sauvage) by Guy de Maupassant

6 - The Altar of the Dead - Part 1 by Henry James

7 - The Altar of the Dead - Part 2 by Henry James

8 - Odour of Chrysanthemums by D H Lawrence

9 - Hide And Seek or Pliatki by Fyodor Sologub

10 - Tennessee's Partner by Bret Harte

11 - Misery by Anton Chekhov

12 - War by Luigi Pirandello

13 - The Canary by Katherine Mansfield

14 - Silence by Leonid Nikolaevich Andreyev

15 - The Miracle by John Davys Beresford

16 - A Complete Recovery by Barry Pain

17 - The General's Will by General Jelihovsky

18 - The Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant

19 - Them Others by Stacy Aumonier

20 - A Responsibility by Henry Harland

21 - The Fly by Katherine Mansfield

22 - A Dead Womans Secret by Guy de Maupassant

23 - Since I Died by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

24 - The Border Line by D H Lawrence

25 - After the Funeral by Mary Butts

26 - John Mortonson's Funeral by Ambrose Bierce

27 - The Grave by Guy de Maupassant