Short Stories About War (Audibook)
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Historical military fiction spanning the American Civil War, World War One, Russian Revolution and more.

Read by Richard Mitchley, Eric Meyers & Vincent Marzello (Unabridged: 12hrs 11mins)

Featuring stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, Ambrose Bierce, Ford Maddox Ford, Guy de Maupassant, Luigi Pirandello, Katherine Mansfield, Stacy Aumonier, Kate Chopin, Isaac Babel, John Buchan, Winifred Holtby & more.

Diplomacy by other means may, at times, sound heroic.  A fight for principles and ideals carried out by young men armed to the teeth and directed by older men in pursuit of their own version of glory for themselves and their Nations.  Right will triumph over wrong.  But war can be an illusion, stirred up by schemers and opportunists to take something from other nations that may or may not be right.  As blood and limb are sacrificed the true cost is seen but often set to one side as the dispute becomes embedded in emotions and reason falls away. 


In this compilation -  

1 - Short Stories About War - An Introduction

2 - Roger Malvin's Burial by Nathaniel Hawthorne

3 - A Fight with a Cannon by Victor Hugo

4 - A Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce

5 - Pink Flannel by Ford Maddox Ford

6 - Two Friends by Guy de Maupassant

7 - War by Luigi Pirandello

8 - The Fly by Katherine Mansfield

9 - An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose_Bierce

10 - The Devil Light by Edgar Wallace

11 - The Siege of Berlin by Alphonse Daudet

12 - Red Tape by May Sinclair

13 - A Cullenden of Virginia by Thomas Wolfe

14 - The Revolutionist by Mikhail Petrovich Artzybashev

15 - Spud Trevor of the Red Hussars by Sapper

16 - Chickamauga by Ambrose Bierce

17 - The Bowmen by Arthur Machen

18 - Wodjabet by C E Montague

19 - The Casualty List by Winifred Holtby

20 - The Loathly Opposite by John Buchan

21 - The Strange Looking Man by Fanny Kemble Johnson

22 - The German Spy by William Hope Hodgson

23 - The Soul of a Regiment by Talbot Mundy

24 - My First Goose by Isaac Babel

25 - The Locket by Kate Chopin

26 - Them Others by Stacy Aumonier

27 - The Story of a Conscience by Ambrose Bierce