The Ghost Train (Audiobook)
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Thanks to the mindless actions of Teddy Deakin, a group of mismatched rail passengers find themselves stranded in a dark and isolated station, having missed the last connection of the night. Tales of superstition prevail as the local station master - unable to persuade them to leave - reveals that very night, twenty years ago, a train crashed leaving a number of passengers dead. Legend has it, that the station is still haunted as the train relives its final moments as it roars through the station to its demise. The passengers begin to panic as the body of the station master is found on the platform, and a mysterious young lady arrives, foretelling the oncoming of the Ghost Train…

Written By Arnold Ridley (Unabridged: 1hr 33mins)



Saul Hodgkin - Ian Fairbairn

Teddy Deakin - James McNicholas

Richard Winthrop - Luke Harris 

Elise Winthrop - Laura James

John Sterling - Sean Connelly

Julia Price - Julia Burchell

Miss Bourne - Katy Manning

Charles Murdock - Michael Linsey

Peggy Murdock - Minna Pang 

Herbert Price - Ian Booker