The Graveyard Poets (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Ghizela Rowe & Gideon Wagner (Unabridged: 1hr 31mins)

At first thought this seems an unlikely area to find fine poetry. The "Graveyard Poets", also known as “Churchyard Poets or "the Boneyard Boys” began in pre-romantic days with a leaning towards gloom, melancholy and the general decay of churchyards. It should be remembered that in the 18th Century City graveyards were a teeming mass of overcrowding and disease, their country brethren better but hardly idylls of worship.

What would eventually lead to the Gothic literary genre began, in the main, with reflections by Christian clergymen upon God, mortality and the assumed after-life.

And in their musings are classics from such talented poets as Thomas Gray, Thomas Parnell, James Thomson and Edward Young together with many others who elevate words from a perhaps murky underworld to examples of poetic beauty which few can rival.