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The Novelist As A Poet (Audiobook) - Deadtree Publishing - Audiobook - Biography

The Novelist As A Poet (Audiobook)


Read by James Taylor, Aidan Gillen, Ghizela Rowe, Richard Mitchley & Alex Jennings (Unabridged: 1hr 49mins)

Featuring poems by GK Chesterton, Herman Melville, Christoper Marlowe, William Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde & others.

Novelists stake their claim as artists on works that encapsulate a whole world of characters and narrative across many, usually hundreds of pages. Some also take in other disciplines; plays, short stories, essays but many have also written poetry. 

For some it is even their first love but for their audience it is too often forgotten; relegated behind their longer works. Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, The Brontes, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy are but a few of our illustrious authors who here reveal works every bit as tender, as expansive and just as good as their longer forms of work.   Each would make a fine poet in their own right. 

We’re glad to be able to bring you another side to these incredible talents. Our readers include Richard Mitchley and Ghizela Rowe.

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