The Poetry of Death - Volume 1 (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 1hr)

Featuring poems by Anne Bronte, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Rainer Maria Rilke & others.

Death is a subject that few of us talk about, but many think about and more than a few of us dread.  Whether it is the actual end of our life’s journey or merely a transit point to Heavenly glory its actual point of impact is, obviously, life changing. But what do poets think of it?  How do their minds tangle with the subject and make sense of this?  

That’s what we thought too.   Poets as rich and diverse as Longfellow, Hood, Bronte, Burns and Gilbran here share their words, thoughts and visions with us. Death is unavoidable but the journey there should be as informed and enjoyable as possible.