The Poetry of May (Audiobook)
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(Unabridged: 46mins)

May - The fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and popular for May day and Workers Rights celebrations.   For our poets including Milton, Hopkins, Von Goethe, Wordsworth and Longfellow much else is on their minds and its, of course, its beautifully put.

Among our readers are Richard Mitchley and Ghizela Rowe.

Tracklist - 

May - An Introduction;

Ode Composed On A May Morning By William Wordsworth;

Song On May Morning By John Milton;

A Light Exists In Spring By Emily Dickinson;

May 1917 By John Jay Thompson;

May 1918 By John Jay Chapman;

May By Sara Teasdale;

In May By William Henry Davies;  

May Magnificat By Gerald Manley Hopkins;

A Calendar Of Sonnets - May By Helen Hunt Jackson;

May Song By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe;

Over The May Hill By Ella Wheeler Wilcox;

It Is Not Always May By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow;

The Young May Moon By Thomas Moore;

A Spring Poem From Bion By Eugene Field;

To A Primrose By Samuel Taylor Coleridge;

To The Daisy By William Wordsworth;

By My Sweetheart By Eugene Field;

A Nuptial Verse To Mistress Elizabeth Lee;

Now Lady Tracy By Robert Herrick;

Sympathy By Emily Jane Bronte;

May Night By Sara Teasdale;

Where Go The Boats By Robert Louis Stevenson;

On The Sea By Keats;

The Rao Of Ilore by Laurence Hope;

Sonnet To Lake Leman By Byron;

All Is Well By Henry Scott Holland;

The Bride By Laurence Hope;

The Gardener By Rabindranath Tagore;

Constantinople By Lady Mary Wortley Montagu;

Late Spring By Henry Van Dyke;

The School Boy By William Blake;

Roots And Leaves Themselves Alone By Walt Whitman;

The Oak By Alfred Lord Tennyson.