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The Poetry of W B Yeats (Audiobook)

The Poetry of W B Yeats (Audiobook)


Read by Jordan Gallagher, Kelly O'Doherty & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 1hr 25mins)

William Butler Yeats was born in Sandymount in County Dublin, Ireland on 13th June 1865.

His early years moved between Ireland and England. By his mid-teens he was writing but those works were described as ‘entirely Un-Irish’.  With Ernest Rhys he founded the Rhymers Club. Based at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street it’s best described as a drinking club for performing poets.  Yeats later cited them as ‘The Tragic Generation’.  By now Yeats was writing and publishing poetry and stories that were profoundly based in Irish folklore. 

Yeats is perhaps best described as Ireland’s national poet in addition to being one of the major twentieth-century literary figures of the English tongue. He represents the ‘Romantic poet of modernism,’ with an extraordinary style created from the outward emphasis on the expression of emotions and the extensive use of symbolism, imagery and allusions.

In 1923 his fame was brought to an even wider audience when he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

His personal life was driven by his many relationships in love and by his great interest in oriental mysticism and occultism.  Yeats also wrote prose and drama and, as an ardent Nationalist, established himself as a spokesman of the Irish cause and served as an Irish senator for two terms.

W B Yeats died at the Hôtel Idéal Séjour, in Menton, France, on 28th January 1939.  He was 73.

In modern times his contribution to literary modernism and to Irish nationalism remains incontestable.  His sumptuous poetry elegantly envelopes the reader in a world very few can articulate but all know well.  A legacy for everyone.

In this compilation -

1 - The Poetry of W B Yeats - An Introduction
2 - A Man Young and Old - I - First Love by W B Yeats
3 - A Man Young and Old - II - Human Dignity by W B Yeats
4 - A Man Young and Old - III - The Mermaid by W B Yeats
5 - A Man Young and Old - IV - The Death of the Hare by W B Yeats
6 - A Man Young and Old - V - The Empty Cup by W B Yeats
7 - A Man Young and Old - VI - His Memories
8 - A Man Young and Old - VII - The Friends of His Youth
9 - A Man Young and Old - VIII - Summer and Spring
10 - A Man Young and Old - IX - The Secrets of the Old
11 - A Man Young and Old - X - His Wildness
12 - A Man Young and Old - XI - From 'Oedipus at Colonus'
13 - A Cradle Song by W B Yeats
14 - A Prayer for My Daughter by W B Yeats
15 - The Mother of God by W B Yeats
16 - Among School Children by W B Yeats
17 - The Stolen Child by W B Yeats
18 - Long-Legged Fly by W B Yeats
19 - The Poet Pleads with the Elemental Powers by W B Yeats
20 - The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W B Yeats
21 - The Wild Swans at Coole by W B Yeats
22 - Leda and the Swan by W B Yeats
23 - The Cat and the Moon by W B Yeats
24 - Those Dancing Days Are Gone by W B Yeats
25 - Imitated From The Japanese by W B Yeats
26 - All Things Can Tempt Me by W B Yeats
27 - A Statesman's Holiday by W B Yeats
28 - The Fascination of What's Difficult by W B Yeats
29 - A Drinking Song by W B Yeats
30 - He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven by W B Yeats
31 - He Bids His Beloved Be at Peace by W B Yeats
32 - The Song of Wandering Aengus by W B Yeats
33 - The Travail of Passion by W B Yeats
34 - The Falling of Leaves by W B Yeats
35 - He Thinks of Those Who Have Spoken Evil of His Beloved by W B Yeats
36 - Down by the Salley Gardens by W B Yeats
37 - Quarrel in Old Age by W B Yeats
38 - The Secret Rose by W B Yeats
39 - Under Saturn by W B Yeats
40 - To Ireland In The Coming Times by W B Yeats
41 - I Am of Ireland by W B Yeats
42 - The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats
43 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - I - Ancestral Homes by W B Yeats
44 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - II - My House by W B Yeats
45 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - III - My Table by W B Yeats
46 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - IV - My Descendants by W B Yeats
47 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - V - The Road at My Door by W B Yeats
48 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - VI - The Stare's Nest By My Window by W B Yeats
49 - Meditations in Time of Civil War - VII - I See Phantoms of Hatred and of the Heart's by W B Yeats
50 - From A Full Moon in March - Parnells Funeral by W B Yeats
51 - Easter 1916 by W B Yeats
52 - Come Gather Round Me, Parnelites by W B Yeats
53 - September 1913 by W B Yeats
54 - The Ghost of Roger Casement by W B Yeats
55 - The Apparitions by W B Yeats
56 - Sixteen Dead Men by W B Yeats
57 - An Irish Airman Forsees His Death by W B Yeats
58 - He Thinks of His Past Greatness When a Part of the Constellations of Heaven by W B Yeats
59 - He Remembers Forgotten Beauty by W B Yeats
60 - Men Improve with the Years by W B Yeats
61 - When You Are Old by W B Yeats
62 - He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead by W B Yeats
63 - The Wheel by W B Yeats
64 - Sailing To Byzantium by W B Yeats
65 - Death by W B Yeats

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