The Poetry of World War I - Vol II - The Fallen Poets (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Gideon Wagner & Jake Urry (Unabridged: 1hr 27mins)

Featuring poems by Edward Thomas, Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg, James Elroy Flecker, Alan Seeger & more.

War may be rationalized as ‘diplomacy by other means’ but the reality is that when tribes, Nations and peoples bring themselves into armed conflict with one another mayhem, terror and slaughter are the result.

In the First World War, The Great War, The War to End all Wars any idealistic aims that it was a ‘just cause’ and would be all over in a few months were shattered against the vast scale of millions dead or wounded all for the often temporary gains of a few miles of shell-pocked mud.  Human bodies were of little more value than the bullets and shells which mowed them down.

In this series of poetry volumes we look at the first world war from several viewpoints.  From poets who died, often in battle, during its torturous years, to the women who write of war and its consequences as well as an anthology of those poets, some still of fame, and some now forgotten with only their words to bear witness for what they have experienced. Each has an individual point of view that bears its own truth.

For the poets who fought in this conflict their first hand accounts often came at a terrible and irrevocable price.  In this volume we collect together the works of many poets who died during this tumultuous time.  Whilst their lives were cut tragically short their words endure.