The Poetry of Youth (Audiobook)
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Read by Ghizela Rowe, Richard Mitchley & Gideon Wagner (Unabridged: 1hr 45mins)

Featuring poems by Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake, Katherine Mansfield, Arthur Conan Doyle & others.

Today perhaps we all agree that youth is spoilt, ill-disciplined and in search of constant, and instant, gratification.  No matter how much we love them, our children, as they mature from child to youth, are pampered.

A century ago, and even further back, even the most privileged of youth was rarely indulged.  In this volume we look at those years of youth through the eyes and pens of classic poets.  They reveal times of hardship, of fear, of love and loss.

But youth is idealistic, ready to change the world….but usually ending up in the service of others, be it parents, or patrons, or employers, from a career in trade to the slaughter of war.

Life is difficult, a sometimes grim monotone and, it seems, only occasionally splashed with the colour of love, of beauty and ambition.

However, one thing we can be certain of though is that these verses speak not only from the head but from the heart. 


In this compilation -

01 - The Poetry of Youth - An Introduction
02 - The Youth of Man by Matthew Arnold
03 - Ode No 7 - The Sheen of the Season of Youth by Hafiz
04 - The Youth And The Philsopher by William Whitehead
05 - Youth by Adela Florence Cory Nicolson
06 - In Youth I Have Known One by Edgar Allan Poe
07 - Your Own Fair Youth by Alice Meynell
08 - Initial Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson
09 - Youth and Love by Amy Levy
10 - To My Young Lover by Jane Barker
11 - Youth by Francis Ledwidge
12 - Advice to a Girl by Sara Teasdale
13 - Youth and Love by Robert Louis Stevenson
14 - Advice to a Girl by Lord Byron
15 - A Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
16 - Mock Panegyric on a Young Friend by Jane Austen
17 - A Girl's Thoughts by Isaac Rosenberg
18 - A Letter From a Girl to Her Own Age by Alice Meynell
19 - My Little March Girl by Paul laurence Dunbar
20 - Song For A Girl (from Love Triumphant) by John Dryden
21 - Dear Pretty Youth by Thomas Shadwell
22 - On the Portrait of Two Beautiful Young People by Gerard Manley Hopkins
23 - Portrait of My Father As a Young Man by Rainer Maria Rilke
24 - Sonnet on the Gypsy Girl by Henry Alford
25 - A Little Girl Lost by William Blake
26 - The Blind Boy by Colley Cibber
27 - A Little Boy's Dream by Katherine Mansfield
28 - Going Down Hill on a Bicycle, A Boy's Song by Henry Charles Beeching
29 - The Little London Girl by Kate Greenaway
30 - The School Boy by William Blake
31 - Advice to a Young Author by Arthur Conan Doyle
32 - A Man Young and Old - Summer and Spring by William Butler Yeats
33 - The Young Poet by James Elroy Flecker
34 - London Types - Flower Girl by William Ernest Henley
35 - The Water Nymph and the Boy (Extract) by Roden Noel
36 - One Girl by Sappho
37 - A Youth in Apparel That Glittered by Stephen Crane
38 - To An Athlete Dying Young by A E Housman
39 - A Brown Girl Dead by Countee Cullen
40 - A Little Boy Lost by William Blake
41 - The Slave Girl's Address to Her Mother by Sarah Louisa Forten
42 - Alienation by Katharine Tynan
43 - The Young Warrior by James Weldon Johnson
44 - War Girls by Jessie Pope
45 - A Young Rebel by Alice Guerin Crist
46 - Girl to Soldier on Leave by Isaac Rosenberg
47 - Youth in Arms by Harold Monro
48 - Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wildred Owen
49 - The English Youth by Laurence Binyon
50 - Arms and the Boy by Wilfred Owen
\51 - The Young Soldier by Wilfred Owen
52 - The Funeral of Youth. Threnody by Rupert Brooke
53 - My Boy Jack by Rudyard Kipling
54 - The Permanence of the Young Men by William Soutar
55 - Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded by Thomas Moore
56 - How Soon Hath Time by John Milton
57 - A Farewell to Youth by Alfred Austin
58 - Youth and Calm by Matthew Arnold
59 - Youth in Memory by George Meredith