The Story Of Shakespeare's Cymbeline (Audiobook)
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Read by Ghizela Rowe (Abridged: 29mins)

CYMBELINE is listed as one of Shakespeare’s tragedies although some think it to be one of his romances as it explores the familiar themes of jealousy, adultery, innocence and vengeance.   Cymbeline is the King of Britain who twenty years prior to the play’s setting wrongly banishes one of his Lords, Belarius, who in turn kidnaps the King’s sons to prevent him having heirs to his throne.  The King also banishes one of his subjects, Posthumous, for secretly marrying his daughter Imogen and the Roman army descend on Britain although by the end of the play there is peace, with these strands happily resolved ably aided by Ghizela Rowe’s reading.  

This narrative version was written by Mary & Charles Lamb.