The Yellow Book - Volume 2 (Audiobook)
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Read by Richard Mitchley, Ghizela Rowe & David Shaw-Parker (UnabridgedL: 5hrs 3mins)

Featuring stories by Charlotte Mew, John Buchan, Kenneth Grahame & others.

During the Victorian era the publishing of magazines and periodicals accelerated at a phenomenal rate.  This really was mass market publishing to a hungry audience eager for literary sustenance.  Many of our greatest authors contributed and expanded their reach whilst many fledging authors also found a ready source for their nascent works and careers.

Amongst the very many was ‘The Yellow Book’.  Although titled as ‘An Illustrated Quarterly’ it was sold as a cloth-bound hardback and within were short stories, essays, poetry, illustrations and portraits.  It was edited by the American author Henry Harland, who also contributed, and its art editor was no less that the formidable Aubrey Beardsley, the enfant terrible of illustration.

Its yellow cover and name gave it an association with the risqué and erotic yellow covered works published in France.  It was a visual shorthand for ideas that would push many boundaries of Society to more open interpretations. Being complete in each volume and slightly aloof it stayed away from serialised fiction and advertisements. 

Within each lavishly illustrated edition were literary offerings that included works by such luminaries as Henry James, H G Wells, W B Yeats, Edith Nesbit, George Gissing and many others from the ascetic and decadent movements of the time. 

The other notable inclusion was women both as contributors and amongst its editing staff, which was at odds with the then patriarchal gender norms. 

Although it only survived for 13 issues its reach and influence were second to none.

In this compilation - 

1 - The Yellow Book - An Introduction. Volume 2
2 - Passed by Charlotte Mew
3 - Apple Blossom in Brittany by Ernest Dowson
4 - Second Thoughts by Arthur Moore
5 - The Papers of Basil Fillimer by H D Traill
6 - Suggestion by Mrs Ernest Leverson
7 - The Crimson Weaver by R Murray Gilchrist
8 - A Pen and Ink Effect by Frances E Huntley
9 - The Inquity of Oblivion by Kenneth Grahame
10 - Dies Irae by Kenneth Grahame
11 - A Resurrection by H B Marriott Watson
12 - A Journey of Little Profit by John Buchan