The Top 10 - Best Poems About Winter

The Top 10 - Best Poems About Winter

  • 30 May, 2022
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Sonnet 97 - How Like A Winter Has My Absence Been by William Shakespeare

This sonnet does mention other seasons as it is full of contrasts but clearly starts and ends with winter which the poet feels is perpetual when away from his love.  One of Shakespeare’s treasured sonnets with its characteristic rich imagery and expressive and evocative choice of words. 

Featured in - Renaissance Poets - Volume 2


Spellbound - Emily Bronte

Set in the Yorkshire Moors, the same as her legendary novel Wuthering Heights and written at only 19 years old, this sparkling poem encapsulates the bleakness of a cold lonely winter night.  

Featured in The Poetry Of Emily Bronte


The Darkling Thrush - Thomas Hardy

The wintery wonder that is the full throated evensong of the thrush pronounces a bright future which Hardy wants to share but is unable to.

Featured in - Thomas Hardy - The Poetry Of


The Snow Man - Wallace Stevens

Some regard this as one of the best poems ever written with its deep delve into levels of consciousness but none can fail to recognise it’s message of hope and stoicism at whatever nature throws at us.  The poem is written from the perspective of a snow man and abounds with imagery of winter’s desolate beauty 

Featured in - The Poetry Of Wallace Stevens


In the Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rossetti

This poem has been set to music and comes up frequently in Christmas Carol singing which is unsurprising given it’s original title of A Christmas Carol.

Rossetti captures how in the middle of winter life can look bleak with endless witner nights to come but winter does offer hope especially for those believers of God.

Featured in - Christmas, A Season In Verse


The Snow Storm by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson was a transcendentalist which this poem demonstrates as both a meditation on the power of nature as well as the mysterious powers of the artist. Here a snowstorm rather like an architect, transforms the world.

Featured in - 50 Shades Of Nature


Winter-Time by Robert Louis Stevenson

The sun is lazy in winter, shining only for an hour or two before disappearing to sleep again as are our inclinations. Stevenson wakes early to sit near the warmth of the fireplace or go a sledge ride and enjoys the warmth of winter clothes.  A wonderful winter poem where everything looks beautiful despite the icy cold weather.

Featured in - 50 Shades Of Christmas


Winter Song by Katherine Mansfield

The trials of winter are poignantly depicted as we are reminded of the plight of children living on the streets unable to hide from the snow and keep warm.  Baby birds wait for parents to return with food and are in a similar predicament having also to survive the perils of the season.

Featured in - The Poetry Of Katherine Mansfield


It sifts from leaden sieves by Emily Dickinson

Dickinson beautifully describes how snow can become other worldly and render familiar objects obscure.  She captures the essence of nature that appears to be in a bad mood with the snow flakes drifting across the landscape.

Featured in - Emily Dickinson - The Poetry Of


Snow Flakes by Henry Wadswoth Longfellow

This poem, written in 1863, and focusing on snowfall and how it lays atop the ground forest and field conveys a melancholic atmosphere but still like watching snow fall, is restful and relaxing.

Featured in - 19th Century American Poets - Volume 2


Read all of these and more in our Winter Poetry volume.

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