Winston Churchill - A History Of The Second World War - Volume 3 (Audiobook)
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Volume 3 – The Grand Alliance - Winston S. Churchill; The History Of The Second World War.

The Blitz continued to rain down on the shell and morale of the Nation’s defences. In the cold grey waters of the North Atlantic wolfpacks of enemy U boats hunted down with ruthless efficiency the supply lines that could keep Britain in the war.

Through the year the enemy produced many of their grandest victories but Britain was able to stabilise its position in the Middle East although setbacks at the hands of the newly arrived Rommel, the Desert Fox, were encountered in North Africa. But 1941 was to prove strategically decisive; with Hitler’s campaign in the Balkans vital time was lost to the Wehrmacht for an attack on its former ally Russia.

When the 150 divisions hurled themselves forward in June many knew that the long Russian winter would grind the enemy to a standstill before they could reach the safety of their objective cities. In December the third member of ‘The Grand Alliance’ stepped from the background with the infamous attack of Pearl Harbour.

Now Churchill knew in his heart that ultimate victory surely lay with Britain., The United States and Russia but the continuing pain, sacrifice and toll of blood and machine were still to be borne.

The overview is read by Winston S Churchill MP and the volume narrated by Michael Jayston.

Abridged: 2hrs 45mins.