Winston Churchill - A History Of The Second World War - Volume 5 (Audiobook)
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Volume 5 – Closing The Ring - Winston S. Churchill; The History Of The Second World War.

As the Allies prepared for the Normandy invasion many war councils were held. At Teheran, the first of the Big Three conferences, decisive steps were taken to ensure this. Discussion was opened as to what shape and form the world would take after the defeat of the enemy.

But with 185 divisions ranged against them the primary task was still the prosecution of the war to the unconditional surrender of the enemy.

A vigorous debate as to the next stage in the Mediterranean theatre was taken up by Churchill and Roosevelt. Much of this centered on the Americans caution at the lack of landing craft. Churchill, who had cultivated Roosevelt for many years was able to get almost all of what he wanted but at the cost of delay and less adventurous decisions. Italy was invaded and great advances made until late ’43.

In Yugoslavia, Tito’s partisans became a highly effective force in tying down many German divisions away from the front line. In Britain, Churchill prepared his resources for Operation Overlord and the invasion that would at last lift the tyranny and foul shadow of Hitler from Europe. Five years of titanic struggle had now succeeded in ‘Closing The Ring’.

The overview is read by Winston S Churchill MP and the volume narrated by Michael Jayston.

Abridged: 2hrs 40mins.