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Father's Day Poetry (Audiobook) - Deadtree Publishing - Audiobook - Biography

Father's Day Poetry (Audiobook)


Read by Tim Graham & Ghizela Rowe (Unabridged: 58mins)

Featuring poems by William Blake, Rudyard Kipling, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Eugene Field & others.

The role of Fathers has changed much over the course of centuries.   Men are now better suited to a role of co-parent in this modern age rather than the stilted, slightly aloof figure of times past. Being a Father is, of course, both a blessing and a burden. 

This modern day parenting in a frenetic fast changing world has to be both learnt and adapted from some inner well of memory from generations past as well as on the job experience. 

How to combine both the tenderness of love and support of modern views with the age old virtues of strength and leadership brings many difficulties to most men.

Surprisingly then that poets have given Fathers both a courageous view of life as well as a dependability to be there for their children.  In success or failure we can identify with their hopes and dreams. 

In this collection many of our greatest poets express their worded opinions of that unique role of Fatherhood – whether as one themselves or as a child reaching for that same mantle. It’s a difficult role for most men to assume and to keep perspective with but do you know any Father who is not ready to accept the challenge?  Or any son and daughter not willing to acknowledge that unique and binding bond? 


In this compilation - 

01 - Father's Day - Introduction
02 - Etude Realiste - Algernon Charles Swinburne
03 - Any Father To Any Son - FB Money-Coutts
04 - Any Soldier To His Son - Anonymous
05 - Faith And Dispondency - Emily Jane Bronte
06 - The Parable Of The Old Man - Wilfred Owen
07 - That Endless Loop - Daniel Sheehan
08 - Epitaph On My Ever Honoured Father - Robert Burns
09 - Lord Ullin's Daughter - Thomas Campbell
10 - A Poets welcome To His Love Begotten Daughter - Robert Burns
11 - I Am Your Father - Daniel Sheehan
12 - A Little Girl Lost - William Blake
13 - Little Boy Lost - William Blake
14 - Childless Father - William Wordsworth
15 - Come Home Father - Henry Clay Work
16 - On My First Son - Ben Jonson
17 - Our Fathers Also - Rudyard Kipling
18 - To My Father On His Birthday - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
19 - Full Fathom Five - William Shakespeare
20 - Epitaph Upon A Child That Died - Robert Herrick
21 - Our Fathers Of Old - Rudyard Kipling
22 - To The Memory Of My Dear And Honoured Father - Anne Bradstreet
23 - Sonnet 37 - William Shakespeare
24 - Portrait Of My Father As A Young Man - Rainer Maria Rilke
25 - Of His Dear Son Gervase - Sir John Beaumont
26 - My Serious Son - W S Landor
27 - Oh Captain My Captain - Walt Whitman
28 - To Her Father With Some Verses - Anne Bradstreet
29 - My Fathers Chair - Rudyard Kipling
30 - My Dearest Frank I Wish You Joy - Jane Austen
31 - Alec Yeaten's  Son - Thomas Bailey Aldrich
32 - God Gave To Me A Child In Part - Robert Louis Stevenson
33 - Come Up From The Fields Father - Walt Whitman
34 - Seal Lullaby - Rudyard Kipling
35 - Inscription - Eugene Field
36 - Laus - Infantium - William Canton
37 - My Hearts Leaps Up - William Wordsworth
38 - To An Infant - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
39 - Sweet And Low - Alfred Lord Tennyson

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